Moonen Yachts

Moonen Yachts

Company Moonen Yachts is one of the well-established manufacturers of luxury motor yachts from Holland. It specializes in the construction of steel super yachts, fully or partially custom, including full displacement and explorer series, in addition to the shipyard offers a line of semi-displacement yacht with aluminum hull. Moonen models range from 20 to 45 meters in length. This is a great choice for both private yachts, and for the most demanding customers who wish to charter their vessels.

Moonen Yachts story began in 1963 when in the medieval town Hertogenbosch the first yacht named Moonen was launched, however, a company with the same registered name appeared only almost 20 years later. While engaged in the construction of steel cruiser exclusively for local customers, due to the high quality and servic, the shipyard quickly gained a positive reputation , which further contributed to the expansion of Moonen to Europe, UK , as well as to the East.

With increasing demand for large yachts in December 2008, the company opened a second shipyard, about 50 km from the «main factory." Modern and tech 60 -meter hangar is used to create models of up to 45 meters , and the main production facility continues to assembly yachts up to 35 meters and carry out design , engineering and interior joinery for all series from Moonen.

Nowadays, releasing only three or four yachts a year, Moonen Yachts pay great attention to the quality of each of the pice, not their quantity in production. Designers, architects and engineers strive to realize the unique vision of each customer's "ideal" yacht, retaining the characteristic features of the brand Moonen.