Oceanco Yachts

Oceanco Yachts

Dutch company Oceanco is considered one of the best luxury yachts construction, working in close cooperation with major subcontractors to create displacement yachts in the class " 80 ."

Since its foundation, the shipyard has built 23 super yachts up to 95 meters. Oceanco was born in 1987 when a group of South African private investors under the leadership of the CEO Richard Hein yacht building beginning operation Housing and superstructure in Durban, South Africa, when they first started yacht building operations with hulls and superstructure. Then yachts were transported to different places in the Netherlands for interior and design finishing.

In 2002 Theodore Angelopoulos took control of Oceanco shipyard and embarked on a new strategy, the main focus was put on the production of mega yachts in the category «80m ", he developed a new generation «Y», which included 80 -meter «Amevi» (Y701) and 82 -meter «Alfa Nero» (Y702).

In 2008 75.5 -meter “Anastasia”was launched and in May 2009 the company introduced the 85.47 -meter «Vibrant Curiosity» with 7 -meter swimming pool and a spacious interior areas designed by «Nuvolari & Lenard».

In March 2010 Oceanco was acquired by an Oman tycoon Mohammed Al Barwani that had a positive impact on the development of the company.

The company consciously approaches the problem of the impact of yacht construction and operations of large yachts on the environment. Shipyard is constantly checking and improving the technology and equipment to fully comply with ecological legislative. As required by the membership in the Society for the Protection of water resources, water pollution control system is installed on each boat. Oceanco gives the owner the opportunity to enjoy his yacht, be proud of her achievements and protect the ocean.

The great advantage of the shipyard is that it is working with a small number of yachts at the same time and, thus, is able to provide personalized service. Despite its modest history super yachts from Oceanco are very popular within the top clients - politicians, oil tycoons, show business stars, for example, the famous director Steven Spielberg with his «Seven Seas». Russian businessman Vladimir Potanin has showed a particular interest to the mega yachts from this Dutch company, he already has in his arsenal the two models : bought in 2008 " Anastasia " ( named after his only daughter ) and a new star , 88.5 -meter «Nirvana», presented in 2013.

Oceanco shipyard has sufficient capacity and resources to build the largest and most sophisticated yachts.