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Dominator 40M yacht for sale

Dominator 40M
Dominator 40M
Dominator 40M
Dominator 40M
Dominator 40M
Dominator 40M
Dominator 40M
Dominator 40M
Dominator 40M
Dominator 40M
Dominator 40M
Dominator 40M

Dominator 40M yacht for sale










Length overall40.1 m
Beam7.75 m
EnginesMTU 16V 2000 M94 2 x 2600 HP
Maximum speed (at half load)25.0 kn
Cruising speed (at half load)22.0 kn
Range2000.0 nm
Fuel capacity17000 l
Water capacity3000 l
Building materialAluminium


The beauty, elegance and design originality of Dominator 40M, new flagship and feather in the cap of the Fano shipyard, achieves aims which had been unexplored to date. It is a perfect combination of aggressiveness and class, power and luxury, sportiness and comfort.

There are no barriers between the interiors and exteriors of this magnificent flying bridge, which merge together uninterruptedly, creating a breathtaking ensemble. The large high-impact “branchia” side window is a charming reference to the natural world – a distinctive element of the new generation of Dominator yachts – which exalts the elegance and rake of the external lines and offers an incomparable view over the sea from the master cabin.

The innovative concept of this raised pilot house yacht is splendidly epitomised in the project for the skylounge. This verandah, closed in by double glass doors which can be opened towards both aft and fore, creates an additional salon area located on the fly deck, which is well-integrated with the external roll bar. This large living area features a home entertainment TV/cinema system and splendid jacuzzi, which can be accessed from both indoors and out.

The huge bow sunbridge area can be enjoyed to the full. Set between the two end fore structures of the superstructure, it features a large sun deck and spacious dinette, where owners can lunch with guests in complete privacy.

Dominator also features a pull-down platform, located in the portside broadside, which provides owners with unique, exclusive access to the sea from their cabins by means of a waterproof door, creating a private swimming platform. The modern, racy lines and extensive glazed surfaces which give this yacht rake, strongly characterise the exteriors of Dominator 40M, making her appear even longer, a true superyacht. At the same time, the dynamics of the ‘lines in tension’ give this model the right touch of sportiness, a distinctive mark of all Dominator yachts.

The class and elegance of the exteriors have been continued in the refined beauty of the interiors. A modern, essential design is combined with valuable materials used for upholstering, transforming each and every room into a charming, comfortable environment, of truly superior luxury.

The layout of the interiors is extremely interesting, the size astounding. Larger than those of competitor yachts, the magnificent master cabin has been located on the lower deck and features a jacuzzi/relaxation area which is separate from the services. The impressive VIP cabin ahead is added to the two large, refined guest cabins, featuring a double bed and divan.

A magnificent open space salon is located on the upper deck, whilst in the centre there is the services area featuring a head and lobby. The large luncheon area is set ahead, with a salon/studio offering direct access to the fore sun area.

Great care has been taken over the choice of and research carried out on materials: cherry wood for producing the main furnishings, with polished lacquered coverings and valuable topstitched leather, added to the walls clad in refined plates of rear-lit white onyx, which further enhance the rooms.

Light plays an essential role on this model, and in-depth lighting studies were carried out during her design to emphasise the shapes and lines of the exteriors, and create atmospheres of sophisticated elegance in the interiors.

The painstaking care paid to detail, produced through the very best artisan processing work, enhances the value of a large yacht, the tiniest detail of which has been studied. The exclusiveness of a Dominator yacht is recognised in the highly prestigious materials, the innovative design, the sought-after beauty of each environment.

The special quality which makes all Dominator yachts stand out must not be forgotten either, as the new 40M is also rigorously custom-made. Owners can choose not only the materials and furnishing finishes from a selection of almost unlimited solutions and combinations, but also the layout of the interiors, thanks to the flexibility of the project of the new hull, entirely made in aluminium.

The aluminium hull of Dominator 40M.1 was built at the Rossi Navi shipyard in Viareggio. The Rossi Group, thanks to its know-how and metal processing specialisation, will flank Dominator in the complete production of new fast models in light alloy.