Amels Yachts

Amels Yachts

Amels Holland Company was founded in the Dutch town Makkum in 1918, its founders - Amels family During its existence, the company has launched 400 naval-merchant ships and more than 50 mega yachts . The vast experience in design and construction of ships and yachts allows the shipyard to create true masterpieces for real yachtsmen.

Amels has gained worldwide recognition as a builder of luxury yachts, which are distinguished by Dutch quality and individual design. Amels yachts can be seen in any prestigious port in the world.

Since 1991 Amels Holland has become part of Damen Group, a company consisting of 38 large shipyards worldwide with 8,000 skilled workers and an annual turnover of around one billion Euros. Relying on the powerful potential shipbuilding company Damen Group, Amels produces unique luxury yachts in the category up to 100 meters - vessels that combine the beauty of classical forms and modern technical equipment, including the latest security systems. The company positions its yachts as a symbol of longevity, beauty and comfort .

The powerful Amels docks can be enough to build yachts up to 200 meters, and the simultaneous construction and repair of several superyachts . The company specializes in the construction of yachts from 40 to 70 meters, and the construction process takes about two years.

Currently the company has introduced new concept of LIMITED EDITIONS, which allows to create a luxury yacht in a short time and with significant cost savings. Concept is embodied in a series of yachts AMELS 171 ( 52 meters ) and AMELS 212 (64.7 meters). Architect for these yachts - the famous Tim Heywood.

Some of the most outstanding achievements of Amels – motor yacht Ilona IV (74 meters) , Solemar (61 meters), Tigr d `Ore (52 meters), Lady in Blue (52 meters) , Larissa (49 meters) and others. One of the last masterpieces - yacht Lady Anne (69 meters). Architect - Walter Franchini.