Alloy Yachts

The creation of the brand «Alloy Yachts» belongs to New-Zealand shipbuilders who joined together in the beginning of 1980 to realize an incredible at that time project of 28 - meter aluminium yacht «Chanel».

The next project - the tender for the America's Cup in New Zealand in 1987 - put the foundation for the production of world-famous aluminium superyachts.

90s were a period of great expansion for the Alloy team. A series of innovations in technology and design have resulted in the company being considered among the industry leaders.

 Yacht models produced by «Alloy Yachts» became increasingly famous and won awards of various organizations. «Atlanta» won «ShowBoats International 1996" in the category for best interior divine interior design, made of noble wood.

The company «Alloy Yachts» celebrated its 21 years with the release of 39.7 -meter «Janice of Wyoming», the best sailing yacht in 2005 according to the «ShowBoats International», and in 2007 -an impressive «VvS1» that was recognized as the best displacement motor yacht under 500GT.

 In 2008 «Alloy Yachts» introduced a 52 -meter sailing yacht «Red Dragon» with control and alert system SeaTouch. For optimum degree of seaworthiness all settings onboard can be controlled with six touch screens located throughout the yacht and associated with numerous sensors and monitors.


The fifth yacht over 50 meters long, a 51.7 -meter ketch «Mondango», has a unique curved glass rear window - another achievement of the shipyard. The main and additional side windows can be opened and closed by a simple pressing of a button. However, one of the incredible super masterpieces of «Alloy Yachts» became the «Kokomo» project in collaboration with «Dubois Naval Architects», this 58 -meter sailboat was launched in New Zealand in 2010 and is still considered one of the best in the world , «Kokomo III » can accommodate up to 10 guests in 3 double and 2 twin cabins.

Yacht «Kokomo» became the successful evolution of the results of the designers, shipbuilders and the owner of this sailboat . This is the third superyacht «Alloy Yachts», built for the same owner; moreover, she is the biggest. She embodies all the most successful features of the previous two models «Kokomo», having allowed «Dubois Naval Architects» and «Alloy Yachts» to create a sailing yacht with a new level of seaworthiness, comfort and style.

«Alloy Yachts» have gained a great reputation of excellent quality vessels.