Small yachts for sale

Small yachts for sale Pershing 82

Pershing 82

2015 | €3,950,000

Small yachts for sale Riva ISEO


2017 | €290,000

Small yachts for sale Super Air Nautique G23

Super Air Nautique G23

2017 | €149,300

Small yachts for sale Sunseeker 75

Sunseeker 75

2015 | €2,985,000

Small yachts for sale Riva SPORTRIVA


2017 | €1,735,000

Small yachts for sale Riva VERTIGO


2015 | €2,175,000

Small yachts for sale Riva VIRTUS


2017 | €1,995,000

Small yachts for sale Riva RIVALE


2013/2015 | €1,475,000

Small yachts for sale RIVARAMA Super


2017 | €1,010,000

Small yachts for sale AQUARIVA Super


2017 | €505,000

Small yachts for sale Dominator 640 Fly

Dominator 640 Fly

2015 | €2,090,000


Small motor yachts for sale

Arcon Yachts has a wide range of small yachts for sale. Small yacht concept refers to motor vessels with a hull under 14 m. Starting from 9 m boats are becoming comfortable and spacious reaching more performance of a bigger yacht. There's enough space for a cabin and a small galley onboard. Open areas are big enough for sunbathing zones. At this moment we start to call them small yachts rather than motor boats.

Small yachts are diverse. In this category you can find cruisers, cabin boats,  fishing boats, bowriders, ski boats, runabouts, aluminium yachts.

Strong points of the small yachts are high mobility, most attractive price, easy storing during the off-season. Normally it's easy to launch them by yourself and to move on tow around the country. Less formalities while using the mini yachts is always a pleasure. And while on water there are no limits for fun and relax. That is why the small yachts are always a good option for those who like to move a lot, who treasure their freedom and for the moment prefer not to spend too much on a yacht.

With Arcon Yachts it's more than easy to buy a small yacht, either new or brokerage, in Russia or in any other region. After all the years in the industry we have good relationship with all the major brands and companies who might be of use while small yachts sale.


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