Mega yachts for sale

Mega yachts for sale Benetti IMAN 60M

Benetti IMAN 60M

2008/2017 | €23,500,000

Mega yachts for sale Heesen 55M FDHF Pollux

Heesen 55M FDHF Pollux

2020 | €43,000,000

Mega yachts for sale Heesen TRITON 50m

Heesen TRITON 50m

2020 | €33,900,000

Mega yachts for sale Benetti Fast 125

Benetti Fast 125

2020 | €17,600,000

Mega yachts for sale Benetti B NOW 50m

Benetti B NOW 50m

2022 | Price on request

Mega yachts for sale Palumbo Columbus 40S

Palumbo Columbus 40S

2015/2018 | €11,800,000

Mega yachts for sale Heesen 42m Project KINESIS

Heesen 42m Project KINESIS

2021 | €26,450,000

Mega yachts for sale Benetti Veloce 140

Benetti Veloce 140

2014 | €15,000,000

Mega yachts for sale Benetti Classic Supreme 132

Benetti Classic Supreme 132

2018 | €14,000,000

Mega yachts for sale ADMIRAL MOMENTUM 47


2021 | €26,500,000

Mega yachts for sale ADMIRAL IMPERO 47


2021 | €26,500,000

Mega yachts for sale Admiral QUINTA ESSENTIA 55M


2016 | €25,000,000


Super and mega yachts for sale

Super yachts is a category of privately owned motor or sailing vessels which length starts from about 25-30 meters, and where the quantity production starts to meet customization. These yachts are built directly for the client, and the larger are the size and the length of the yacht, the more unique are all her parameters and characteristics - from naval architecture of the hull, and ending up with the author's exterior and interior design. The largest yachts – from about 80-100 meters and up are considered to be mega yachts, these huge vessels are true marine ​​art masterpieces that embody all the achievements of high technology and shipbuilding. Price of the yacht and imagination of the customer in this case have no limits or restrictions.

Construction of super and mega yachts - is very time-consuming and rather long process. So it impossible to buy a superyacht in the short term except on the secondary market, in all other cases, the process from idea and concept to the final delivery of the big yacht to the Owner can take up to three years. Searching mega yachts for sale on the market is a serious deal, which should be carried out by respectable and time-tested brokerage companies as committing an error in such a delicate and important matter, especially in case of money - is highly undesirable. If you want to buy mega yacht for sale, a thorough survey is a must. Your brokerage company also needs to examine thoroughly all the documents relating to the yacht, check legal, customs and tax issues, and take care of brokerage other nuances.


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