Elite yachts for sale

Elite yachts for sale Benetti IMAN 60M

Benetti IMAN 60M

2008/2017 | €23,500,000

Elite yachts for sale Riva Corsaro 100

Riva Corsaro 100

2018 | €7,250,000

Elite yachts for sale Benetti Oasis 40M

Benetti Oasis 40M

2022 | €19,400,000

Elite yachts for sale Heesen 55M FDHF Pollux

Heesen 55M FDHF Pollux

2020 | €43,000,000

Elite yachts for sale Dynamiq G 350

Dynamiq G 350

2021 | €13,500,000

Elite yachts for sale Virtue Benetti Classic 37m

Virtue Benetti Classic 37m

2008 | €4,950,000

Elite yachts for sale Heesen TRITON 50m

Heesen TRITON 50m

2020 | €33,900,000

Elite yachts for sale Benetti Delfino 95

Benetti Delfino 95

2020 | €8,800,000

Elite yachts for sale Benetti Fast 125

Benetti Fast 125

2020 | €17,600,000

Elite yachts for sale Benetti B NOW 50m

Benetti B NOW 50m

2022 | Price on request

Elite yachts for sale Azimut 98 Julia S

Azimut 98 Julia S

2008 | €2,900,000

Elite yachts for sale Custom Line 120

Custom Line 120

2018 | €10,500,000


Luxury yachts for sale

Actually the very word combination "motor yacht" says it all: a certain level of wealth, high social status, taste for life, “savoir-faire”, how they call it in French, of how to relax properly. However, there is a particular segment of the most expensive and luxurious yachts, and this is the level where the budget and price issues are losing all their significance, giving way to poetry, improvisation and the most advanced and exclusive technologies.

Just like all super yachts, luxury mega yachts vary in sizes, materials of the hull and superstructure, type and capacity of the engines. But the main difference is exclusivity of the vessel and its parameters: unique size, unusual expensive finishing materials, famous designer names, specialized machinery and equipment. Yachts of this type are piece custom-made products: construction is organizes for an individual project and there will be no other similar yacht in the world.

Luxury yachts for sale are built on the cult shipyards such as Lurssen, Blohm + Voss, Oceanco, Feadship, Benetti, Heesen and others.

If you want to buy a luxury yacht for sale or launch a new construction Arcon Yachts company will provide you with wide selection of desired projects while considering the best prices for the client.


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