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Yacht Management

One of the most important challenges that the Owner faces after buying a yacht is its further quality service and reliable operating. 
For several years ARCON YACHTS team has been efficiently managing and operating the vessels of our clients, successfully handling varied tasks in this area. Our customers are the owners of luxury yachts from all over the world.

ARCON YACHTS offers the following yacht management program:

Operational management

•  Provide efficient communication between the Owner, his representatives and the crew;
•  Efficient response to Owner’s requests and questions for questions related to route, navigation, interior, systems or equipment modifications/repairs; 
•  Efficient response to Yacht’s requests for suppliers, subcontractors, shipyard liaison and project management;

•  If the yacht is classified as commercial – maintenance of the charter’s calendar, promotion of the yacht in the charter market.

Technical Management
•  Arranging supervision of the maintenance and general efficiency of the Vessel;
•  Arranging supervision and assistance dry dockings, repairs, alterations, and maintenance of the Vessel;
•  Assistance of spare parts orders and delivery, and other services necessary for efficient operation of the Vessel;
•  Enduring that the yacht complies with the requirements of the law of the Flag State.

Crew management
•  Selection of crew members according to approved budgets and checking of their certifications and references;
•  Control of crew working hours and leave and organization of necessary rotation;
•  All other administrative tasks concerning crew.  

Financial management
•   Control and approval of all invoices issued to the Owner on a monthly basis, including crew payroll;
•  Continued critical evaluation of the Yacht's suppliers, contractors and subcontractors to keep the yacht's operation and maintenance within the budgeted parameters.


Send us a request and we'll take care of your yacht!

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