Wim Van der Valk Yachts

VAN DER VALK Continental Yachts

Dutch shipyard  specializes in the production of steel and aluminum yachts.

The product line includes four main directions. Yacht Series Continental I, Continental II, Continental Trawlers and recently launched series Continental III. The size of yachts varies from 15 to 37 meters, semi-displacement and displacement. All yachts that are longer than 18 m belong to ocean-going class A and comply with MCA. This means that the yacht Wim Van der Valk is perfect for both traveling on the Volga River and for crossing the Atlantic. It should be noted that yachts have a much greater cruising range than any other counterparts.

Equipped with the most modern control systems and navigation FURUNO Professional Grade, engines adapted to the most severe conditions of nonstop work, 15mm teak deck coating, auto-heating of the floors, audio-visual control systems and other special equipments make the yacht Wim Van der Valk ideal for use in all, even the harshest weather conditions.

The shipyard located in Waalwijk, Netherlands, annually produces a limited number of yachts, in order to maintain high standards of quality and exclusivity of each yacht. Building process is in strict accordance with certain standards that ensure high-quality construction of each vessel, which in turn is subjected to intensive testing and quality control before being allowed to leave the shipyard and be transferred to the owner in immaculate condition.