New 32 meter CdM Explorer yacht sold by Arcon Yachts | 12 August 2016

New 32 meter CdM Explorer yacht sold

A new project of 32-meter explorer motor yacht of the Italian shipyard Cantiere delle Marche has been sold by Arcon Yachts.

Delivery of 105 'Acciaio model by Cantiere delle Marche in steel and aluminium is scheduled for 2018. Designed by HYDROTEC, the yacht has been developed for a customer attracted by the world of explorer yachts and their technical characteristics, but looking for softer and more contemporary lines. The news follows hard on the heels of the sale in June 2016 of the fifth in the yard's Darwin class yachts and the delivery in May of the Darwin class explorer yacht Babbo.

Bruno Piantini, general manager of CdM, comments that, just six years after the yard's foundation, CdM has established a niche segment in the market, that of smaller, three deck explorer yachts in steel and aluminium.

CdM President, Gabriele Virgili, adds: "In addition to commercial and industrial successes, I think that we can be truly proud of the fact that CdM has remained the shipyard that we have always wanted: a shipyard where passion, human relationships and - why not? - the fun when doing what we love the most, remains at the center of our daily life.”